Somaliland: House of Elders’ Contribution to the Construction of Erigavo Road


Somalilands House of Elders

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – 82 members of House of Elders will partake controversial fundraising campaign initiated by the executive branch of government. Each member of the house will pay 100 dollar each month within one year.

In their Saturday session, the 33 MP’s approved the declaration which many legal experts stressed that it couldn’t be legally enforced, where 3 members rejected and 1 abstained.

This declaration will obey each member in the Upper House of Parliament to contribute 100 dollar each month within a year to the construction of the road between Burao and Erigavo which is estimated to more than 400 km.

MP Omer Nuur Waye led committee recommended this resolution to be approved by the members of the house.

Council of the Elders mandated this committee to provide suggestions and recommendations regarding the role that House of Elders can play the self-help project aimed at re-constructing the road between Erigavo and Burao.

It was weeks ago when members of House of Representatives had a fist fighting during their discussion on this resolution which has met fierce opposition from the MP’s where members including Reyte claimed that no one in the country couldn’t be forced to give contribution to anyone through presidential decree. Members of the armed forces, parliamentarians and civil servants can only give contribution voluntary. There is no law or resolution which can abide by anyone to pay contribution without consent.