Somaliland: Washington Discards Dual Track Policy


Ms Linda Greenfield

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – The US government has stopped its dual track policy in its engagement with Somaliland and Somalia following the conclusion of the Djibouti peace process and Washington’s recognition of the Somalia Federal Government-SFG.

This was revealed by President Obama’s assistant secretary for African Affairs Miss Linda Thomas Greenfield during her maiden appearance to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where she testified on Security and Governance in Somalia to Subcommittee on African Affairs

In elaboration Ms Greenfields who took up her position two months ago informed that her government’s policy towards Somalia has changed from the three pronged of the pre-Transitional period which entailed Providing Security support especially to AMISOM and its strategic partner Ethiopia for the fight against Al-Shabaab , Intervention in Humanitarian crisis and Dual Track policy.

In the post transitional period US policy of engagement with Somalia is now more concerned with Security stabilization, Governance and Democracy and with the official recognition of the SFG and discarding of the Dual Track policy the Obama administration has changed tack with emphasis on a federal framework.

While revealing that the Washington administration shall continue funding humanitarian assistance and civil society organizations in Somaliland and Puntland, Ms Greenfield who cited the Juba agreement as success of the Somalia president said that president Obama and current US policy Underscores interest in outreach and engagement with regional administration for a federated framework in Somalia .

Testifying that US policy is to enhance reconstruction and security funding the assistant secretary for African affairs told the senators that between financial year 2007 to 2013 the Obama Administration spent helped strengthen the capacity of the Somalia national army and AMISOM to counter Al-Shabaab with a $512m kitty while injecting another $140m towards the Somalia institutionalization stabilization and democratization programs.

Justifying the immense US interest in Somalia’s security sector Miss Linda Thomas Greenfield said that the “Westgate attack is a clear example of the threats Al-Shabaab portend for the US, her citizens and her Allies in the Horn of Africa and elsewhere”

In Conclusion this is what Ms Greenfields had to say “Ultimately, the development of participatory, accountable, and representative governmental institutions that respond to the needs of the Somali people will secure the country’s future. We are committed to work with the Government and people of Somalia to help them realize this vision”

Watch the Ms Lind Greenfield testifying to the Senate ON SECURITY AND GOVERNANCE IN SOMALIA