Somaliland: 4 girls killed and 9 others wounded in a Wedding Ceremony at Eel-Had of Gabiley Region


By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – wedding ceremony in Eel-Hadi of Gabiley region was killed 4 girls and wounded 9 others by bridegroom’s brother after he inhumanly opened fire to the participants of the wedding who were enjoying with the newly engaged spouse.

It was reported that the murderer escaped after he indiscriminately killed 4 innocent people and leave 9 others wounded.

“This was weird and strange incident to the minds and ears of the Somaliland people. It is the first time that a man came to a wedding ceremony and triggered his gun to leave almost 4 girls dead and 9 others wounded.” An eye witness reported to Hadhwanaag news,

Said Mukhtar Fanah, Another eye witness reported that he has seen 4 girls killed and 9 other wounded by the armed man.

Mr. Fanah added, “It was 11:00 pm at night. People have been enjoying and taking their gladness with the bridegroom and his bride. Unfortunately armed man suddenly opened fire to the participants where he killed 4 persons. It was shocking incident and the wedding ceremony turned into deadly zone.

There is no official report released by the police of regional administration yet.

Reports further added that the murderer was not mentally fit and that there are ongoing talks between the families of victims and the escaped murderer.