Somaliland: Elders Urge State to Bridle Slanderous Websites


By Guleid Abdi Maher

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun): wanton reporting by some local websites have raised the ire of some elders who wants the administration to take stern and immediate legal action.

Several Elders and intellectuals from various clans have refuted claims by a local website that the Al-Shabaab group of Somalia has appointed Mr. Said Ahmed Jama as chairman of Barawa local council in South Somalia.

during a press conference at Shiraaqle hotel in Hareisa the elders said that this report was not only unfounded and false but one geared towards the character assassination of an innocent Somaliland citizen, for reasons yet to be fathomed.

Informing that the citizen alleged appointed to head the Barawe local council by Al-shabaab which is an Islamist group battling the Somalia federal government for control of the country, Mr Saeed Ahmed Jama is currently the Africa online Burao branch manager , the elders asked the government to investigate the website and take legal action if proof is not availed.

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible the Baligubadle Media which posted the the fallacious information on their webstie ” said the elders who further warned that similar misinformation shall not be tolerated in the future.

According to the alleged new head of the Al-shabaab controlled Barawe district, Mr Saeed Ahmed “most of the people who heard about this big lie were surprised” Mr. Ahmed said. They are trying to kill my moral and to destroy me psychologically Mr. Ahmed is an employee of Africa online a telecommunication company in Somaliland. “ is news across town and thrives in roomer mongering” he added.

An elder Mr. Oday said Abdi asked the government to prosecute the culprits of this saga where an innocent citizen reputation has been dented by unscrupulous ‘brief case’ media company. wrote in their site has been named as the new Alshabaab chairman in Barawe town a few days ago he was in Hargeisa and now he is in Barawe to take his post”, the website claimed. Chief elder Ahmed Mohammed Dahir and Harir Jama Yasin urged the government to stop these imposters from tarnishing its citizens’ names