Somaliland: Guurti Chair Denies Supporting Presidential Term Extension


Guurti chair Suleiman Aden

Says the alleged Calls for extending presidential term of office is baseless and tantamount to an illegality declares Hon. Suleiman & Hon. Rayte

By: Osman A.M

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – It has come to public limelight that the speculations on the alleged extension of presidential term of office are uncalled for, baseless, irrational & amount to an illegality.

The speaker of the house of elders popularly known as Guurti Hon. Suleiman Adan has strongly refuted allegations on extending presidential term of office beyond the constitutionally provided period. Hon. Suleiman has rubbished rumors that plans have been finalized on the modalities of extending President Ahmed Silanyo’s term beyond mid next year insisting that the unexpired period of 1 & 1/2 years is sufficient to facilitate electoral reforms so as to allow presidential elections to be held as schedule.

When asked about the timing of the allegations Hon. Suleiman opined that there is amble time remaining to level the playing ground for presidential aspirants to compete for the highest office on the land in preparation of peaceful, free, fair & transparent presidential elections. The speaker advised the public to discuss the issue upon the last days of the term of presidency.

Speaking at a different venue from upper house’s speaker, the head of parliamentary committee on internal affairs & security Hon. Ibrahim Jama Ali ( Rayte) concurred with Suleiman’s opinion-that calls for elongating presidency term of office beyond the constitutionally provided limits were uncalled for, emphasizing that the unexpired duration is a lot since the electorates were yearning for leadership change.

Hon. Rayte reiterated that Somalilanders were fed up with the current ruling elites while at the same time yearning to exercise universal suffrage through the ballot by sending the current crop of leaders home and replacing them with a new butch to let transformative reforms in the politics of the country.

While addressing a political function organized by National party (Wadani) for university students from Hargeisa Hon Rayte insisted that extending presidential term of office is tantamount to an illegality & a mockery of democracy.

The head of interior & security committee of the House of Representatives had this to say on extension issue; “I hear that extending presidential term of office is in pipeline, let me be loud and clear enough that the said extension is illegal. The unexpired term of 1 & ½ years of President Silanyo’s term is more than hell as people don’t want to discuss the topic but are prepared to send the Government home by voting for change. We shall wait for the 1 & ½ years period remaining for President Silanyo’s term we shall also wait for presidential contenders to emerge & challenge us for the seat but shall not accept plans for extending the term of presidency as people of Somaliland do not want to legalize an illegality this time round”.

Hon. Rayte asserted that those calling for extending presidency term of office are there to negate the democratic gains attained so far and dared them to devise other plans as extension is unacceptable and already ruled out.

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