Somaliland: Salaam Financials Facilitates Local Servicing of International Credit Cards


Saslaman ATM

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Access to all internationally accepted credit cards is now possible in the Somaliland courtesy of Salaam Financial services.

This development follows the successful launching of three Automated Teller machines-ATM by Salaam Financial services at the Ambassador Hotel, Salaam Bank hqs and Safari Hotel in the capital Hargeisa four days ago.

“We can now publicly declare that the ATM’s are operating 100% following four days of testing that saw several customers both foreigners and locals utilize their credit cards mostly visa and MasterCard to withdraw money” the Salaam Financials operations Manager Mr. Abdiqani Harir Ismail told Somalilandsun during a briefing in his Hargeisa offices.

Elaborating further Mr. Harir informed that the ease of introducing the ATM and credit cards services in the country has been facilitated by the long standing and fruitful partnership existing between Salaam financial services and major banking institutions like UK’s Barclays bank, Commerce Bank of Germany, Salaam African Bank, and Bank of Bangladesh among others.

Abdiqani makes the first withdrew freom an ATM in Hargeisa

The ATM and Credit card servicing by Salaam Financial which envisages becoming the leading provider of Islamic Sharia complaint financial products and services in East Africa region are an addition to other innovative multi-faceted services currently provided in the areas of Remittance, Banking, Financing and Investment Services.

According to Mr. Abdiqani Harir the motivation to facilitate international Credit card servicing in Somaliland is as a result of the good response from locals and international customers alike as pertains to its other Salaam Financial services like • Personal and Corporate Banking, TT Services (Telegraphic Transfer or Telex Transfer), E-Banking: Electronic Banking and SMS Banking to mention just a few.

On how to access the new Credit Card services the Salaam operations manager said that the compulsory condition is that a client must possess a credit card issued by his bank here in Somaliland or elsewhere in the world.

A local ATM machine in Hargeisa

The introduction of ATM and credit card servicing by Salaam financials comes at a very opportune mo9ment for the country thast has few international banking outlets due to its unrecognized status as a sovereign nation.

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