Somaliland: President’s Walk along City Streets Evaluates Prevalent best Security


Somaliland president Ahmed M Silanyo strolls the streets of Hargeisa after Friday prayers on the 29th February 2014

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)-The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud made yet another unprecedented meet-the-people tour at the heart of the central business district yesterday after Friday prayers, depicting to the world community the harmonious setting prevalent and cherished in the country.

The Head of State who also joined worshippers at the Ali-Mataan mosque whose surroundings are a bee-hive of activity hence densely populated with shoppers, commuters and business helter-skelter was hilariously greeted, welcomed and praised by the city residents.

He walked briskly hence chatted with various citizens amongst them women jewelers, street money changers and assorted fraternity of the business community.

The happy residents praised the President’s confidence on the security situation of the country.

They said that the UN security of SL evaluation was a total mockery of the situation at hand and on the ground.

“The President has just sent a strong message to the international community who betray SL’s security trust”, said Ali Aden Ahmed, a prominent street money changer.

Similar sentiments were echoed by a hilarious Asha Lul and her colleague Leila Abdi, both dealers in jewels.

“Look at him”, they said pointing to the President, “he walks happily through a hilarious crowd without qualms; can Hassan do the same?” they asked, posing the question to no one in particular on whether the SFG Mogadishu President Hassan can do the same.

“Never,” they answer to themselves with finality in reference to the recent security index pitting SL in equation to the south against the background of the new spate of attacks at Mogadishu’s state house, Villa Somalia.

“It serves the world right”, said Nour, a lame shoe shiner, who showed a surprisingly good grasp on current affairs.

“Let them see us with our President,” he added beamingly, his face radiating happiness.

This is in fact the umpteenth time in which the President walks along the city’s streets and happily mixing with the common people without the usual heavy security details, daylight or dusk notwithstanding.