Somaliland:Three People Die in Clan Clashes in Eeryaanta Village


Somalilandsun:Three people have lost their lives following a tribal conflict in Eeryaanta
hamlet which is located south east of the regional headquarters of Sanaag,
Erigavo. The Sanaag regional governor Mr.Mohammed Ahmed A’alin (Timbaro)
who spoke to Somaliland News Agency ( through the telephone
confirmed that four people were also injured in the skirmishes. The
provincial commissioner revealed that the clashes are as a result of clans’

He also refuted claims that the clashes are connected to the El-Afweine
conflict that traditional, religious and top government leaders are
currently converging in Erigavo town to find a lasting salution.

Provincial commissioner Timbaro added that security personnel have been
dispatched to Eeryaanta village to quell the melee.

In another development the minister of livestock and youths and sports
Mr.Hassan Mohammed Ali and Boos Mire Mohammed have travelled to Erigavo to
call for the peaceful coexistence of the two brotherly clans.