Somaliland:Civil Service Commission Remove 1200 Ghost Workers from the Payroll


Somalilandsun:The civil service commission has confirmed that it has struck out of the
government payroll 1252 ghost workers. This comes hot in the heel of
Somaliland government census to ascertain the real numbers of civil servant
working for the government. According to sources close to Somaliland News
Agency ( revealed that the final list workers was forwarded
to the minister of finance Mr.Yusuf Mohammed Abdi for approval.

The chairman of the civil service commission Mr.Sharmarke Ahmed Muhumed
Geele confirmed that the registration of government employees ended
recently and that they had registered 14057 civil servants. He revealed
that before the census 16533 civil servant received salariess from the
government treasury.

Chairman Sharmarke said that the commission is validating the 1204 civil
servants to make sure they are not ghost workers.

The minister of finance welcomed this move saying that he was happy for the
timely forwarding of the census by civil service commission. He went on to
say that he will act on the commission deliberations to remove the ghost
workers from the government payroll.