Somaliland:President Hosts Dinner for Visiting Foreign Diplomats and Intellectuals


Somalilandsun:The head of the Republic of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has hosted a
presidential dinner in honor of the visiting writers, researchers and
artist gracing the Hargeisa International Book Fair. The national dinner
was held at the presidential palace. The head of state was flanked by some
members of his cabinet, politicians and the chairman of Hargeisa Cultural
Centre Mr.Jama Musa Jama. The Cultural Centre hosted the international book

Speeches were made highlighting the development milestone Somaliland had
stridden without any outside help. Also in attendance were hundreds of
foreigners who had come to Somaliland for the first time others the second
or third tour. Those on their maiden tour were perplexed by Somaliland
culture of hospitality to guests.

The chairman of Hargeisa Cultural Centre who was first to speak at the
venue said that his centre is doing all in her power to sell Somaliland to
the world as the heartbeat of culture. He added the Hargeisa Cultural
Centre vision is to market Somaliland as a safe haven for peace, security
and prosperity. He went on to say the centre will make sure that visitors
to Somaliland understand that the country is open to business.

The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Mr.Sa’ad Ali
Shire assured the visitors that Somaliland is a country at peace with
herself and famous for hospitality to visitors. He added that Somaliland
had striven hard to develop from the ram shackles to create a stable
prosperous country.

The presidents wholeheartedly welcomed the visitors to Somaliland informing
them that the country has persevered and now reap the fruits of development
in spite of not being recognized by the international community.

“I take this precious opportunity to welcome you to Somaliland a country
that is at peace. Somaliland is a country that loves international peace
and development and wants to be one of the nations of the world. Our nation
is democratic and aspires to join the global community as an independent
sovereign state. Currently Somaliland is unrecognized however it has
recognized itself and one day the world will follow suit.

The president told the visitors that Somaliland has built peace from
scratch and has experience in peace building and conflict resolution.
“Somaliland started rebuilding from zero and without outside help however
the lack of international recognition is setting it apart. For instance
Somaliland experience as a peace builder could go a long way to help our
neighbor Somalia to quell the anarchy in her doorsteps.”

The president said that Somaliland will always prioritize peace and good
neighborhood with her neighbors and the international community as a whole.



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