Somaliland:Somalia’s ambassador to the UN Slams UNSOM Representatives Reports as Malicious


The federal government of Somalia envoy at the UN headquarters in New York H.E Abubakar Osman has condemned the UNSOM reps in Somalia of sowing discord in his country; by writing malicious reports that are not factual. The envoy claims that the false information is causing political disunity in the volatile nation.
Ambassador Abubakar forwarded a protest letter to the UN Security Council to condemn the military base the UAE is constructing in Berbera, Somaliland. The envoy criticized the UNSOM office in Somalia for double standards. He singled out the UNSOM Representative in Somaliland/Somalia Mr.Michael Keating for fueling political heat on Mogadishu.
Even-though he failed short to naming names the ambassador stated that the false reports the UNSOM is jotting risk to exacerbate the shaky political climate in Somalia.
“I’m really disturbed by the false allegations made by UNSOM against the government of Somalia, truly these reports will only add fuel to the fire in the already volatile political situation in Somalia.” Mr.Abubakar lamented. He went on to say “This has forced me to forward my letter of complaint to the UN Security Council, to protest these false reports which seek to cause political instability in Somalia.”
The diplomat sent a strong message to the UNSOM officials to desist from fueling the political instability and chaos which the government had worked hard to stabilize.
The federal government of Somalia has been angered by a report the UNSOM country representative forwarded in November to the UN Security Council, the report confirms that the Somali government politicians put the personal and clan interests ahead of public interest.