Somaliland:Opposition National Party (Wadani) Confirms the Hijack of Management of Somaliland Airspace by the Somalia


The chairman of the central committee of opposition National Party (Wadani) Mr.Osman Afgaab Noor and his compatriot the deputy Secretary General of Wadani Mr.Jamal Jama Hamud have voiced their concerns about the country’s affairs. They spoke to the Horn Newspaper about many issues affecting the country.
First to talk was deputy secretary Mr. Jamal he said “We are an independent country with our own land, sea and airspace, however the Somalia government has been disrespectful to Somaliland when it decides to interfere with our sea and airspace while there is an ongoing talks between our two countries. They should not interfere in our land and airspace its none of their business.”
The Wadani deputy secretary speaking about the inflation that has ravaged the economy he had this to say “First the government made a big mistake to reach a one thought decision without a second thought of repercussions, banning the circulating of the dollar from telecommunication firms mobile money transfers without the after thought this is ridiculous.”
He said the government should stop printing money without measure it should also not interfere in the Central Bank of Somaliland affairs. It looks awkward when other persons with malicious interests hijack the Central Bank to fulfill their selfishness.
About the Somaliland Electoral Commission he had this views “Simply we have no confidence in this commission we want a commission which the country as a whole can trust. Then National Party wish that a new commission that can be neutral to the three political parties should be appointed and the current one disbanded before the next general election .”
The central committee chairman Mr.Osman speaking about the inflation said “It is a disaster for the government to reach hasty decisions that are not based on knowledge. This is dangerous if every day people wake up and command things they have no idea this will cause us irreparable damages.”
He added that Somaliland reputation has suffered as a result of the Kulmiye led government opening talks with Somalia. During the Rayale Administration Somaliland never negotiated with Somalia hence it never interfered in our internal affairs. Kulmiye opened the door for them to start claiming that Somaliland is under their jurisdictions.