Somaliland:Somaliland President Maps Out Foreign Policy and Economic Developmemt Strategies


I’m honored to come in front of the senate and the lower House of Parliament to make my annual and first state of the nation address for 2018.
This was stated by President Musa Behi Abdi to Honorable members of parliament adding that his administration has mapped a route and set a strategic plan that pertains to foreign policy and economic development

Below verbatim excerpts

The government foreign policy is straight forward and consist of four guiding pillars they are as follows…………………….

1.Seeking International Recognition of Somaliland as an independent state
2.Stregthening the relationship between Somaliland and her neighbors, also continuation of cooperation with the IGAD, The AU, Arab league,the U.N. and EU.
3.Search for bilateral and multilateral economic development cooperation.
4.Seek Direct Foreign Investments.
Somaliland/Somalia Talks
The Somaliland/Somalia Talks was expected to earnestly begin on 19th March 2019 however due to the constant intereference by the Mogadishu regime we have decided to stop any engagement for the time being.
3. Economic Development
The government is well aware that no country can develop without tangible financial muscle in that respect we have already planned to promote development of all economic development sectors such as livestock rearing, agriculture,manufacturing, maritime resources and natural resources like mineral and petroleum products so that we can develop financially.
Somaliland government plans to promote local and foreign investment to increase our revenues sources, increase economic development and job creation for the youths. We have also established the ministry of investment development to promote investment in the country.
We have also focused on the development of revenue sources directly or indirectly. We have prepared an all out war on any type of corruption be it small or large.
The budget of 2018 is ready and it’s going to be managed through the Public Financially Management System a new trend in Somaliland.
According to the new plan 34% of the public budget is intended for the development of the country. We will also strengthen the power of the Central Bank of Somaliland.The Central Bank will be responsible for taming inflation.It controls private banks and other financial institutions in the country that provide loans and development funds.
Taxes are the backbone of any government so should be paid by all and sundry without hesitation.
So that our country stands on her two feet we need to fight hard to curb any would be tax defaulters. Tax defaults will not be taken lightly since it robs the government of much needed revenue for development of the country.
Inflation is a cause of concern because it muchly affects the poor so my government has appointed a committee to counter it and come up with insightful deliberations.