Somaliland:Puntland militia leisurely aiming to shoot Al-shabaab in Gal-gala Mountain.


Somalilandsun:Puntland has been a safe heaven for piracy and Human traffickers for
the last 27 years, where half of its budget and revenue comes from cash
collected from poor Ethiopians, Somalilanders, and Somalians risking their
lives to reach the shores of Yemen dead or alive to seek a better life
abroad, Puntland economy also had depended on ransom collected from
hijacked ships paid by owners/countries, even though piracy ended for the
last four years after the involvement of the international community,
Puntland is still a home to Human Trafficking.

Most of the fancy houses in Bosaso and Garowe are owned by top
pirates and Human traffickers, where Puntland rulers had been turning a
blind eye when it comes to Pirates and Human Traffickers activities,
because of clan affiliation one way or another.

The puntland rulers had misled the international community before
by saying they need resource and financial assistance to combat piracy
and Human traffickers , where on the other hand the rulers of Puntland got
their share of ransom, money paid to pirates , whenever a ransom is paid to
the pirates for release of hostages and merchant ships. The so called
Puntland clan militia also had conducted fake attacks against the pirates
and Human traffickers to show the world that they were attacking Pirates
and Human traffickers hideouts and only show the arrest of young men from
South Somalia who are not clan affiliated to Majerten/Puntland.

For the last eight years after piracy business and
activities has declined because of European and Asian Warships patrolling
the Indian ocean and Gulf of Aden, Galgala Mountains near Bosaso, a hideout
of the so called Al-shabaab and ISIS chased out of Somalia becomes
another face-saving political project, source of income from the
international community/Coalition Against Terrorism and bogus war against
Al-shabaab terrorist when ever Puntland leaders make a miscalculated
political move against Muqdisho rulers or Republic of Somaliland and to
divert funds illegally from the Coalition Against Terrorism.

Just last month, on May 24, 2018 when the Somaliland people and
its government where responding to rescue people and livestocks hit
by the devastating cyclone in the Horn of Africa, Puntland clan militia
attacked Somaliland troops unnoticed near Somaliland and Somalia/Puntland
border, Tukaraq which Puntland militia sustained heavy loss of life and
capture of clan militia by Somaliland border troops.

To miss lead the world and divert attention from the loss Puntland
militia sustained from Somaliland troops attack, On june 1, 2018 in the
middle of the night Puntland staged a fake war in Gal-gala Mountains
against Al-shabaab and ISIS and accused Somaliland for supporting
Al-shabaab terrorists, where on the other hand Puntland clan militia keep
attacking Somaliland by crossing the Somaliland and Somalia border and
terrorising poor civilians and nomads near the border.

In August 2014 when the formation of member state of Federal
Government of Somalia, Central Regions composed of Mudug States and
Galmudug States was declared , in the presence and approval
of UN/IGAD, Puntland clan enclave president/Abdi wali opposed for the
inclusion of Mudug state which Puntland claims North portion of Galkayo,
Mudug state capital city because of clan affiliation. Abdi Wali made
political decision by summoning Puntland Parliament Members from
Mogadishu and boycotted the Federal Government leadership to protest the
formation of Central Regions State of Somalia, Galmudug.

Couple months letter after Abdi Wali Gas realized that he made a
crippling political move he massed clan militia and declared a
fake attack against Al-shabaab in the Galgala Mountains for face-saving,
regain political momentum , mislead the World and say that Puntland is a
good partner of War against terrorism , by showing a video/picture of
his clam militia aiming at no targets with clean and pressed uniform and
camouflage. reveal

Again in December, 2014 after delegations from Galmudug and Mudug
had arrived Adado, Gal-kayo for the formation of Central Regions State of
Somalia.On January 5th, 2015 he massed clan militia on Galgala Mountains to
conduct a fake assault against Al-shabaab terrorist to mislead
the International community. Puntland doesn’t allow local press or
international media when conducting the Bogus attack in Galgala Mountains

In 2015 when Somaliland Navy sized a ship carrying illegal weapon,
including battlewagons and revealed to the International Community and UN
Somalia/Eritrea Monitoring Group, Puntland assumed that Somaliland might
gain a political leverage, and instead of applauding , accused Somaliland
of aiding Al-shabab in Galgala and that the weapon was bound to reach
Al-shabaab.Later it was revealed that the weapon belonged to Sudan and was
bound to reach UAE for Arab States weaponry fair event, show.

* The only way to reveal the presence of Al-shabaab and end
Puntland bogus face-saving and fake Galgala Mountain missions is to send
AMISOM troops to conduct BOOTS on the ground task to dismantle and destroy
Al-shabaab. *

* Mohamud Adan Samatar*
* <> *


  1. The Bosaso port must be rendered inoperable. It must burn to the ground.

    Somaliland must kill Abdiweli Gaas and Camey. Either with roadside mine or by assasination or poisoning.

    The Gaalkacyo war must be re-started.

    Qardho and Garowe must burn to the ground. No mercy.

    May a Cyclone twice the strength of Mekunu strike Puntland region of Somalia. I hope it does.

    Puntland is inhabited by a hateful and evil people.

  2. Abdiweli Gaas the leader of Puntland hopefully will be killed by a roadside mine or he will be assasinated.

    Puntland must be defeated and dismantled. It has outlived its intended purpose and it will now be extinguished.

    Death to the Majerteen clan
    Death to Abdiweli Gaas
    Death to Puntland