Somaliland:One person Dies as Torrential Rains Hit Outskirts of Hargeisa


Somalilandsun: A rain storm has wreck havoc in a town east of the capital city of
Somaliland, Aw-Barkhadle was hit by cyclone which snuffed the life of one
resident and destroyed 21 houses. Another hamlet known as A’arabaydhay also in the path of the storm was scattered by the heavy downpour.

According to news reaching Somaliland sun two Lorries were also swept away
by the raging floods water. Some top government officials reach the
affected areas to assess the damage of the storm. It was led by the
minister of environment and natural resources Mrs.Shukri Haji Ismael
Bandare. Also in the entourage were the provincial commissioner of
Marodijeeh region Mr.Jama Haji Ahmed and their chairman of the national

The government promised to help the afflicted inhabitants to rebuild their
lives, the minister issued emergency relief such as blankets, medical
supplies and other basic necessities.