Somaliland:Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his trip to the United States was much more successful than expected


Somalilandsun:At a press statement he gave at Bole International Airport on his arrival
this afternoon, Abiy said his discussion with the Ethiopian Diaspora in
three cities of the US were fruitful.

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the diaspora for their warm
welcome during his visit to Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

He said “we have broken the wall in Washington DC and later in Los Angeles.
We have begun clearing the rubbles in the Minnesota. The clearing should,
however, continue as the dust will affect health of all.”

The Premier stressed that the broken wall is not the ultimate goal.
Ethiopians need to clear the ruins now and build the bridge with strong

Building the bridge has started today, he said, adding that the return of
the exiled Patriarch with him attests to this.

According to him, the reconciliation and unification of the Ethiopian
Orthodox Tewahedo Church show the unity and joy of all Ethiopians.

Recalling the division of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church too, Abiy
said efforts will be made to also reunite the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo

Abiy stated that during his stay in the United States Ethiopians living in
that country have demonstrated their commitment to the development of the

He noted that the Ethiopian Diaspora have missed their country and their
people, said the Prime Minister.

“We have, therefore, invited members of the Diaspora to come here. We
expect them to join us in the upcoming Ethiopian New Year,” the Premier

Prime Minister Abiy further said he had conducted fruitful discussion with
the leadership of Ginbot 7.

He noted that the leaders have expressed readiness to support the peaceful
process in the country and serve the country politically, economically and
socially. The leaders are expected to come back home soon.

In his visit, Abiy said he had fruitful discussions with the activists
Jawahar Mohammed and Tamagn Beyene, who he disclosed will come home to
“build the bridge.”

The PM emphasized that the country needs all the Ethiopian Diaspora,
without discrimination in ethnicity, religion and political views.

Source:Ethiopia News Agency