Somaliland:President Tours Poor People Living Around Dhami and Jigjigayar Dams in Hargeisa


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has visited the poor people
living around two dams in Hargeisa. The head of state was on a fact finding
mission to see for himself how his subjects were fairing. He toured Dhami
and Jigjigaryar dams where many destitute families reside. The president
was accompanied by the mayor of Hargeisa city council Hon. Abdirahman
Mohammud Aideed (Solteco).

President Musa saw for himself the danger posed to city residents by the
Dhami and Jigjigaryar Dams should they break their banks. They risk
flooding entire estates and damaging property worth millions of dollars if
quick remedy is not found this is according to the city council assessment
of the area.

The city council has promise to resettle the poor people living around the
two dams. It is also planning to drain out the water in a controlled manner
so that it does not damage or flood people homes.

A councilor called Mr.Mohammed Warsame A’alin briefed the head of state
about the city council plan. He stated that caterpillars had been readied
to drain the water, and added that the city council will make sure all
families residing around the two dams are given new places to live.

Also speaking at the site was the mayor of Hargeisa Mr.Abdirahman alias
Solteco, he promised the president that he will resettle all the poor
people of Dhami and Jigjigaryar Dams after which the city council will
drain the water away. Mayor Solteco added that Heero-Dhigagta and Qudhah
Dheer Dams will also be drained of the water because they pose a risk to
outlying areas.

The president directed the city council to make sure within 24 hours that
dams’ water has been drained before they damage property and lose life. The
president visit comes hot in the heels of torrential rains that have hit
Hargeisa and her environs. Just the other day the head of state visited a
family who lost two children to the raging flood waters.