Somaliland:Somaliland Government Bans Importations of Onions to Promote Local Farmers


Somalilandsun:The government has issued a directive banning importation of onions. This
drastic measure was taken so as to promote local farmers to prosperity.
This information reached Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) through a
ministerial directive.

According to the director general ministry of commerce and industry
Dr.Osman Hussein Warsame said that time has come to motivate local farmers
so that they could increase their farm outputs.

The DG said “The government has banned importation of onions from
neighboring countries so that our farmer could rip the benefit of their
labor. Furthermore onions from Somaliland farm have just been harvested so
we had to motivate our farmers who have for a long time been pushed to the
wall by imports of farm produce from other countries.”

The directives states that onions from Somaliland should be given priority
and until they are finished no onions should be imported into the country.