Somaliland:Government Condemns the Beating of Two Somaliland Nationals in Garowe, Puntland


Somalilandsun:The government of Somaliland has condemned with the strongest words
possible the beating of two women in Garowe town; for their support of
Somaliland sovereignty. The women who had toured Garowe for family errands were thoroughly beaten and manhandled in Puntland. The women had left their base in Lasanod town to visit family members when they were set upon by a rowdy mob for speaking their mind to support Somaliland independence and sovereign right over Tukaraq hamlet.

According to information furnished to Somaliland News Agency
( by the provincial commissioner of Sool region Mr.Abdi
Khayre Dirir. The regional governor accompanied by other provincial
officers went to receive the injured ladies east of Tukaraq hamlet where
they were brought for special medication.

The names of women are Miss. Anab Ali Haji and Miss.Sahra Ahmed Garad
Ismael. The women were attacked in by a Garowe mob that used batons and
knives to descend on the helpless victims. One of the ladies was in
comatose. The government of Somaliland has taken care of their medical
bills and the ladies have transferred to the capital Hargeisa for
specialized treatment.

The Sool regional boss revealed that the women were attacked for their
outspokenness in support of Somaliland sovereign right over the
administration of Sool region. He added thnat this shows the extent of the
enmity of Puntland people to the peace loving souls of Somaliland.

“The women you see we are carrying in this ambulance were attacked and set
upon by the people of Puntland.” Said the provincial commissioner

The Governor denied Puntland government accusations that the women were
spies. The provincial commissioner said that Somaliland people will not
revenge to do harm to Puntland nationals in the country but will respect
their well being.

The governor confirmed this attack comes following the Nugaal provincial
commissioner call on the people of Puntland to attack people visiting from