Somaliland:One Drowns in Batalale Beach


Somalilandsun:A teenager known as Mohammed Mowlid lost his life during the Eid
celebrations in Berbera town. The youngster was swimming at the famous
Batalale beach when out of the blue his body was spewed by the unmerciful
Red sea waters.

This is according to news distributed by Somaliland News Agency
( from the port city of Berbera.

The provincial commissioner of Sahil region Mr.Ahmed Osman confirmed to
SOLNANEWS.COM the death of the youngster who is estimated to be in his
early twenties. He went on reveal the teenager was amongst a multitude of
holiday makers from Burao town that had toured Berbera for the festive

Commissioner Osman also confirmed that one person was rescued from the
furious Red Sea waters. Thos comes following the government of Somaliland
protracted warning to parents to accompany their children during the
festive celebration of Eid since many youngsters from Burao and Hargeisa
every year drown in these Berbera waters.



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