Somaliland:Cyclone and severe floods expected in Somaliland


( The Met Office , UK) – A Tropical Cyclone is expected to develop at the eastern end of the Gulf of Aden in the next 24 hours (See Figure 1). This is forecast to track westwards along the Gulf and bring exceptionally high rainfall totals to a usually very arid region.

Note – the uncertainty in the track of this cyclone means that we remain unsure whether the heaviest rain (and most severe impacts) will fall in either Southern Yemen, Northern Somalia, and there is a low risk that it may impact upon Djibouti over the coming weekend.
 Severe flash flooding and river flooding across the region will lead to a loss of human life,
livestock, and the destruction of crops, property and infrastructure.
 Very heavy rainfall occurring across Western Yemen (linked to, although not directly from the
cyclone) is likely to promote cholera infection rates in the weeks ahead.


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  2. Latest on Cyclone Sagar

    1. Confirmed Displaced in Republic of of Somaliland

    669 000 (six hundred sixty nine thousand people)

    2. Confirmed human deaths in Republic of Somaliland

    27 in Awdal and Selel regions, 2 in Saahil region (death toll likely to climb as huge areas are inaccessible by road due to flooded roads).

    3. Confirmed Livestock losses

    In some regions such as Awdal and Selel 80% of livestock have perished, in Sanaag and Saahil regions as well a high percentage have perished.

    4. Confirmed Property Damage

    Health post and MCH’s have been destroyed in large numbers in all the regions where Cyclone Sagar made landfall but especially severe is the destruction in Awdal and Selel regions.


    A massive airlift of food and water and rescue by the
    United States Armed Forces in Djibouti is urgently needed to avoid a mass death situation in Awdal and Selel regions as 90% of the region is inaccessible by road to to severly flooded roads.

    We also make a plea for help to the United Nations, European Union, Arab League, OIC, UAE and Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey and the UK. IGAD and AU help no matter how small is also helpful.

    A swift response is essential to save lives as neither food nor water is available to the people in Awdal and Selel regions.

    Further complicating relief efforts is that Cyclone Sagar also hit Djibouti and Djibouti’s sea internet cable which Somaliland also uses hence internet is down. Also Somaliland cellphone companies cell phone towers were damaged in coastal Awdal and Selel and no phone communication is possible.

    Again we call for urgent help

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