Somaliland:President Calls an Extraordinary Meeting Attended by Former Presidents and Who is Who in the Corridors of Power


The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has called an extraordinary
meeting attended by former presidents and big wigs close to the realms of
powers. Also in attendance were the three national political parties and
leaders of the two houses of parliament. This is according to a press
statement by the presidential spokesman sent to Somaliland News Agency

The purpose of this meeting was a consultative forum to discuss the myriads
of problems afflicting the country presently. After a lot of soul searching
these are six point deliberations that came out of the rendezvous of the
leaders; they are as follows…….

1. The El-Afwein skirmishes should be stopped immediately and a
national emergency coordination formed to stop it from repeating.

2. The ruling party and the opposition should bury the hatchet
following protracted campaign diatribes and instead work closely to heal
the wounds caused by the political campaigns.

3. A national strategy should be put in place in order to counter the
constant attack by the Puntland administered region of Somalia. For
instance the recent raid at Tukaraq village by the Federal government of
Somalia forces.

4. Development of the eastern regions of the country should be a
priority; economic development programs should be initiated to become
catalyst to development of her people.

5. The international community should know that the Federal
government of Somalia is a constant enemy of peace in the region. Just the
other day her forces raided a Tukaraq village inside Somaliland territorial
borders. The federal Somalia government is fighting a proxy war sending
militias associated with the Puntland administration attack Somaliland.

6. The international community should be aware that Somaliland always
stands for peace and good neighborhood with all countries of the world
particularly the Horn of Africa region as a whole. However the constant
interferences of her sovereign borders by the Somalia Federations are a
thorn in the flesh and shall never go unanswered. Somaliland will defend
her territorial integrity it inherited from the British colonial masters at
all cost. Furthermore it is an obligation for the African Union (AU) to
recognize Somaliland with no strings attached.

After the meeting it was agreed that Somaliland nationals should hold hands
together to prosper the agenda of their country as one. The following are
the dignitaries present at the special meeting ………..

1. Vice President H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i)

2. Former President Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin

3. Chief Justice Adam Haji Ali Ahmed

4. Chairman of the House of Elders Suleiman Mohamud Adam

5. First Vice Chairman of the Lower House of Parliament Ahmed Yassin
Sheikh Ali Ayanle

6. Former Vice President, Mr.Hassan Issa Jama

7. Former Deputy Prsident Mr. Abdirahman Aw Ali Farahs

8. Former Vice President Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Yassin

9. Prof. Ali Khalif Galaydh

10. Chairman of opposition Party of Justice and Development Mr. Faisal Ali

11. Second Vice Chairman of Ruling Party Kulmiye Mr.Ahmed Abdi Dheere

12. Acting Chairman of Opposition National Party Hon. Abdikadir Ismael

13. Vice chairman of Opposition National Party Mr. Abdirisak Khalif Ahmed

14. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire

15. Politician Mohamed A’arale Duur

16. Mr. Mohamed Abdillahi U’uraade