Somaliland:Berbera Engulfed in Darkness following a Major Black Out


Somalilandsun:Berbera Engulfed in Darkness following a Major Black Out

On Tuesday 30th May 2023, the port town of Berbera, was covered in darkness, after a major black out. Only a few solar street lights, illuminated some roads.

Last week, there was a public uproar, against the town’s only power company, for increasing the cost of electricity and constant blackouts; which had made lives of the town inhabitants unbearable.

The temperature of Berbera reaches 50 degree Celsius.

According to the town’s residents, the management of electricity distribution company in Berbera, had turned to heavy handedness in their dealings with customers.

Needless to say, a reliable source informed Somaliland sun, that bidding for this company to be the sole distributor of electricity in Berbera, was done through corruption.

The Berbera power company, lacks the capacity to supply power, because the generators are old and keep breaking down, and the company lack of foresight, to invest more resources back into the business.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir