Somaliland:Alshaab terrorists Planting Roadside Bomb in Las Anod Die in explosions


Somalilandsun:Alshaab terrorists Planting Roadside Bomb in Las Anod Die in explosions

At about 3am last night four terrorists, sneaked on the outskirts of Las Anod to plant anti personnel land mines and other bombs, however the explosives exploded on them dismembering their bodies into pieces.

The terrorists died the explosions from an IED they were planting on the roadside.

The bodies parts of the four terrorists was mutilated and strewn across the scene of the crime. They were missing vital body parts like head legs and hands.

Since traditional elders of Sool region started a war against the government of Somaliland they had been denied that Alshabab was fighting along side their tribal militia. However this explosions prove otherwise. Alshabab terrorists have found a new haven in Las Anod.

The militants aligned to Alshabab terror group have been fighting the government of Somaliland.

Somaliland army soldiers at the scene confirmed and positively identified some of the terrorists as locals.

Addressing the press the commander of the army said “We have repeatedly revealed that Alshaab is fighting alongside the tribal militia. They have one agenda to destabilise, Somaliland.”

He informed the international community about Alshabab new expansion to Somaliland masquerading as, tribal militia.

An elder from Las Anod speaking at the grisly crime scene, requested the people of Sool region in the Europe and America to stop funding the terrorists pretending to be fighting for the interest of the people of Las Anod.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir