Somaliland: The Upper House Speaker Jets Back In the Country


Somaliland Guurti Chair Suleiman Aden center is welcomed upon return home

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The speaker of Somaliland’s upper parliament (house of elders) Hon. Suleiman Mohamud Adan has jetted back in the country following a long sojourn which sources revealed that were of medical reasons.

The return of the house of elders Speaker comes at a time when the house he leads saved the nation by brokering a peaceful settlement of House of Representatives’ wrangles that almost divided the nation in the middle. The house of elders led arbitration committee finalized the mediation in his absentia though sources privy to the on goings revealed that the country’s top leadership were unhappy with the resolutions reached so far that brought parliamentary business back to normalcy.

Parliament House

According to reliable sources Hon. Speaker Sul;eiman was frequently consulted with regard to parliamentary wrangles where he provided his long administrative & cultural counsel through tele –conversation albeit his absentia.

Hon. Suleiman is well versed with Somali cultural knowledge & it is hoped that he will not entertain lobbying plans for amending parliamentary standing orders from Kulmiye affiliated MP’s whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the Guurti could not hold their session on Tuesday because of lack of quorum.