Somaliland: Health ministry officials refutes allegations of an ambulance take over by Red Crescent


Health SRCS refute Odweine Ambulance Allegations

By: Osman A.M.

Burao: (Somalilandsun) – According to a press conference called to clear the air on the misconceptions in the public domain with respect to an ambulance belonging to Odweine’s health facility, it was clarified that the ambulance was not forcefully taken by the regional’s Red Crescent mission.

The ministry of health Togdheer’s region coordinator Dr. Abdi Yassin flanked by his counterpart from the Red Crescent Society (SRCS) has rubbished the allegations that the SRCS has taken over the hospital’s only ambulance as one of its assets & further clarified that the ambulance is there to serve the residents of Odweine in emergency health related logistics by ferrying the sick to secure prompt medical aid services.

The ministry of health coordinator of Togdher Dr. Abdi Yassin gave a chronological account of rumors leading to assumption that the vehicle was donated by Dahab Shill group & was thereafter dominantly parked in the hospital’s compound for 3 years due to mechanical breakdown which both the SRCS & the ministry could not fix the said problems.

Dr. Yassin disclosed that the resident of Odweine, the regional administrators of Dad Marrer & the regional health office could not mechanically fix the problem. He further maintained that recently they signed an IPJ project aimed at uplifting the quality standard of health within the regions of Togdheer, Dad Marrer & Sarrar with funding coming from international organizations dealing with provisions of health services.

The IPJ project was supposed to purchase two more ambulances for the venture but since they have not arrived yet Dr. Yassin maintained that the SRCS was left to administer Odweine & Ainaba health facilities.

The coordinator said,” since the two ambulances pledged by the funders have not yet arrived, we have decided that the SRCS should cater for the mechanical expenses in order for it to resume its duties, which expenses accrued to $ 2800.The ambulance is now availing emergency related medical assistance to town dwellers but I am amazed by the rumors that SRCS has taken over the ambulance”

The coordinator equipped “Is SRCS suppose to take over assets belonging to the community or is it supposed to give it the society?” The coordinator maintained that those peddling those rumors as people who did not want the ambulance to start operating.

The regional head of SRCS Mr. Abdi Awil hinted that mirra traders used to sell their stuffs in the ambulance & further clarified that his organization which fuels the vehicle & pays wages for the drivers could not take over again