Somaliland: SL to Form Sporting Teams of High Repute


Maroodi-jeeh (Hasrgeisa) football gteam scores the winning goal in last years tournamnent whose particpants afre poled from regional sides

By: A.A.J

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – A meeting to discuss about the development of football in the country was held at ministry of sports.

The meeting was attended by the director general of the ministry of sports Mr. Mohammed Hussein Dabayare, Aviation DG, the sports Coordinator Mr. Abdillahi Kheire and the Chairman of the National Olympics Committee.

The Director General of the Ministry of Sports Mr. Mohammed Hussein said that it is important to have teams with high quality to compete at national levels.

The Director General of the Ministry of Aviation and the Director General of commerce and international investment both said that it is important to build teams with high quality of high repute and international caliber.

The new plan does not include Women though with passion for football