Somaliland: The Somalia Aviation Industry Has a lot to Catch-up Vis ‘a’ Somaliland”


Somaliland ministry of Aviation and air transport Director General Omar Abdilahi Adan

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- Aviation and Air Transport Management in Somaliland is well beyond the fledgling one in Somalia.
This was stated by the Somaliland ministry of Aviation and air transport Director General Omar Abdilahi Adan during a BBC Somali service debate wth his counterpart in Mogadishu.
Initially to have been an aviation and air transport debate between the Somalia and Somaliland aviation ministers Saeed Jama Ali “Qoraheel’ and Farhan Adan Haybe respectively, participants ended being the respective ministries top administrators following the none participation of the Minister from Mogadishu.
With minister Qorsheel not available and in his place the director General the Somaliland aviation minister opted out to in favour of his director General.
As the short debate unfolded the Hargeisa based aviation industry administrator upon visiting on the myriad of development achievements garnered by Somaliland in the sector went on to tel his Mogadishu counterpart, “these success are as a result of sustainable peace prevalent”
“While the various administrations of Somalia have been busy politicking here and there Somaliland has been busy refurbishing its airports thus attain international standards” DG Omar Abdilahi Adan told his Somalia counterpart
On the same breath and without mincing words Somalia was also informed that being far behind Somaliland in this sector, Authorities in Mogadishu should take their fledgling aviation and air transport steps devoid of politicking thence success.
On the issue of shared airspace management reached during Somalia Somaliland talks in Turkey but scrapped due to implementation refusal by the Somalia Federal government, the Hargeisa Based DG said if not for the politicking based on malice exercised in Mogadishu things would have been very different and for the better.
Giving an example of mutual cooperation existing between the neighbouring Countries of Ethiopia and Djibouti that have a successful working airspace joint administration,DG Omar Abdilahi Adan said this was made possible because it was based on mutual benefits devoted of politicking for the mere sake of politicking.
Many Somalilanders who listened to the debate are hopeful that BBC Somali service shall arrange a repeat in which the two ministers lock horns.

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