Somaliland Celebrating 26 Years of unrecognized independent


The sovereignty of Somaliland is irrevocable

by Mutiu Olawuyi

Somalilandsun – The President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Silanyo marked on Thursday the country’s 26th independence anniversary with a call on members of the United Nations, African Union, European Union, Arab League and others to respect the will of the Somalilanders by recognizing their break-away and restoration of independence from Somalia.
In his speech, he also warn Somalia to desist from interfering in the governance and affairs of Somaliland – a de facto peaceful sovereign state. Also he said that they should give up the hope of having Somaliland reuniting with Somalia as it is an impossible dream.
“Greater Somalia does not exist, nor is there a country responsible for all ethnic Somalis scattered across the horn (of the continent)… We will no longer tolerate outside interference in our affairs, particularly from our neighbor, Somalia,” Silanyo said.
He further warned the United Nation to shun the arm embargo lift request made by the Somalia’s government as it would cause more damages to the already warring region of African continent.
“If Somalia remains persistent in having (arm) embargo lifted, it will have greater repercussions for the region, and pave ways for instability and chaos.
Flanked by service commanders and senior officials president of Somaliland salutes the flag “I am calling on our Somali neighbor to work on strengthening peace between our two nations. Don’t waste your time on dreaming of something that will not come true.As I have said many times before, our people have made their minds up and they’re not coming back. It’s time for Somalia to focus on their own affairs rather than being fixated on Somaliland,” stated President Silanyo.
The president also in his speech spoke about some socio-economic challenges facing the country as a result of the longest drought faced by the country and further charged citizen to support the fundraising campaign most especially for the victims of the drought.
In a diplomatic letter sent to the Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia’s government commemorate with Somaliland with a congratulatory message via its consular in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, Brigadier General Berha Tesfay – wishing ‘progress and prosperity for the people of the Republic of Somaliland’ and expressing his confidence in the bilateral relationship between the two nnations.
Somaliland has proven beyond doubt to world that it is the most democratic and peaceful state in the Horn of Africa’s region since the country gained its independence. This is why most people are very surprised that the country is still yet to be recognized as a sovereign state after 26 year – most importantly by the UN.
The Somaliland quest for intl recognition is relentlessSource: