Somaliland: “ As Per Realities on the Ground Ours is a Fully Fledged Country” Dr Saad Ali


somaliland not recognized 26 years on

Somalilandsun- I believe we have come a long way since 1991 when we reclaimed our sovereignty for a country absolutely destroyed more so its capital Hargeisa Which was just a rubble
This was stated by the Somaliland foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire in an interview with BBC Africa’s Lebo Diseko as the Horn Africa country celebrated 26 years on 18th May

“Today things are different in Hargeisa there is a bustling metropolis with almost 1 million residents” said Dr Saad Ali
BBC Africas Lebo Diseko Interview with Somaliland FM Dr Saad Ali Shire Queried on concerns raised by the UN secretary General Antonio Guterres as pertains continued delays in presidential and parliamentary elections
Quote “steadily eroding the promise of increased credibility that Somaliland held internationally” unquote
And promoted by BBC Africa’s Lebo Diseko to respond directly to the UNSGs allegations , the Somaliland foreign minister said that nobody in the country is happy with the postponement that was mitigated by very strenuous factors mainly the severest drought Somaliland has suffered in Decades”

somaliland constraints by Everest drought in decades
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