Somaliland: Talks with SFG to Résumé in Turkey after Ramadan-FM Behi Yonis


FM Behi discloses resumption of Somaliland Somalia talks in Turkey coming August

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The fifth phase of talks with Somalia slated for last month were postponed on the behest of the Somaliland Government.
This was disclosed by the Somaliland foreign minister Mohamed Behi Yonis during a press conference in Hargeisa where he said that the talks with the probability of representatives from other countries taking part shall now resume after the ongoing holy month of Ramadan.
The holy month of Ramadan in which all able and healthy adherents to the Islamic faith are obliged to fast from dawn to dusk for 30 days commenced on the 29th June thence the talks resumption unless otherwise shall be in August 2014.
On the international sanctioned talks with the Somalia Federal government-SFG hosted by Turkey FM Behi Yonis said
“We requested postponement as a result of preparations for the country’s Independence Day held annually on the 18th May
The foreign minister also said that the then ongoing power struggles in the ruling Kulmiye party occasioned by a challenge to President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo’s bid for a second tenure in 2015 elections by party chairman Muse Bihi was also partially responsible.
Somaliland and Somalia which were united in 1960 and separated in 1991 have been in an internationally sanctioned dialogue to find a political solution to Somaliland’s unilateral declaration of independence and subsequent division of national assets accrued during the 31 years of fateful union.

From left President Hasan PM Erdogan President Silanyo Turkish FM Davutoglu and Dr Omar after meeting in Turkey
The FM also revealed that the government of Somaliland has proposed the inclusion of representatives from the International community in the talks that have basically involved the two neighbouring states with Turkish authorities acting as facilitators and observers.
Though the SFG and its predecessor have requested several postponements of talks initiated in London in 2012, this is the first time for Somaliland to do so.
Meanwhile as preparations for meeting in Turkey are obviously in place, the Somaliland negotiators are expected to make a stand as per continued negotiations with the SFG that has not shied away from putting signature to agreements and immediately recanting on them, most notably airspace control and management.
Apart from the SFG’s perpetual habit of repudiating agreements the other bone of contention is claims to jurisdictional authority over Somaliland despite myriads of official stances made to the contrary by Somalilanders as pertains the irrevocability of their Country’s sovereignty
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