Yemenis Extradite British Citizen to Ethiopia


Andargachew Tsige

Somalilandsun Sources from Finfinnee reveal that G7 general secretary Andargachew Tsige has been extradited to Ethiopia where his arch enemies from whom he had fled persecution from had their hand on him.

The Yemeni government handed Mr Tsige to Ethiopian regime claiming that his name was in the wanted list; thus its security forces were able to arrest him in spite of his being a British citizen.
Besides, the Yemeni authorities refrained from giving further evidence. It’s also unknown whether Ethiopian security forces in Yemen were involved in the process of abducting him.

Credible source from Finfinnee/Ethiopia in the late night of July 03, 2014 indicate that, indeed Ato Andargachew Tsige has fallen into the hands of authoritarian regime from whom he has fled injustices and barbarism from. It is however unclear when the repatriation has taken place since he has been arrested over a week ago.

The irony is that the Ethiopian regime’s ability to freely abduct UK citizens and extraditing them from the third sovereign countries to Ethiopian where they become victims of torture and death. Whether the UK government has been involved in securing his safe release and return to his adopted country remain unclear; the message however is a chilling one to all opposition members living in those regions; who have fled persecution thus granted protection by UN or others countries yet are left to be kidnapped by the very regime they have fled persecution from!!

There are hundreds of such examples from which Bashir Makhtal, Ogaden Somali Origin business man, Canadian citizen has been abducted from Kenya and taken to Ethiopia in 2006 and sentenced to life in prison in their Kangaroo court in 2009 with allegation of ONLF membership. In January 26, 2014, two top ONLF politicians (named as Sulub Ahimed and Ali Hussein) have been invited by the Kenyan government to mediate with Ethiopian counterpart, were abducted and taken to Ethiopia; their whereabouts remain unclear to date. The Oromo refugees with UNHCR mandate, Tesfahun Chemeda and Mesfin Abebe have been abducted from Kenya in 2007 & taken to Ethiopia’s infamous prison, ‘MAIKELAWI’ in the capital Addis Ababa where they have been routinely tortured, as a result Tesfahun Chemeda passed away in August 2013. Just a month ago, Okello Akoy, former Gambela president defected the regime has been captured in South Sudan and repatriated to Ethiopia. Hundreds of Oromo and others civilians suspected of being member of OLF and others freedom fighters such as ONLF have been abducted from neighbouring countries and extradited to Ethiopia-tortured, numerous numbers of them have been also killed.

The UK’s, U.S.A’s, EU’s and others international communities’ failure to act in time while asylum granted civilians are whisked away by the security forces of any country is a serious cause for concern for all opposition members who’ve fled persecution from the barbaric Ethiopian regime. The international communities, Diasporas of this God-forsaken land and others humanitarians are highly urged to act in time to save the lives of all abducted politicians including the current victim Mr Tsige.
Sidama National Regional State Information Network