Somaliland: Sultan Commends Ethiopian Response after Outbreak of Diarrhea In Daroor District


As The traditional leader urges Similar from Somaliland authorities as deaths increase in Daroor where 100s are hospitalized
Sultan Ahmed Osman Cabdoo gude wants Somaliland authorities to take action too

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Within the last twenty four hours eight people have succumbed to severe diarrhea in the Daroor district, Zone five Somali administrative region of Ethiopia
This was informed by Sultan Ahmed Osman “Cabdoo-gude” during an int review with The Horn Tribune in Hargeisa where he also commended Ethiopian federal authorities for apt emergency response.
Though Daroor is in Ethiopia thence the victims of the severe diarrhea Ethiopians Sultan Cabdoo-gude who is based in Somaliland is traditional leader of the affected clan resident in Daroor thence hourly updates as per status.
Negating circulating rumors that over 300 people have died as a result of the malady in Daroor, Sultan Cabdoo-gude said that to his very well informed knowledge not more than twenty people have died so far.
“While we pray for merciful intervention from Allah, I can inform you that over 100 people have been hospitalized at the Daroor district hospital and a number of emergency hospitals established by the government of Ethiopia in outlaying areas” said the Sultan
Of the eight recently died, the traditional leader said that six were young Children and two adults who were unable to reach medical facilities in time.
Apart from applauding the Ethiopian authorities, Sultan Cabdoo-gude urged the Somaliland government to put deterrence measures in place now, since the affected Ethiopian areas are within the borders with Somaliland.
Said he “The Somaliland ministry of health should as a matter of urgency establish some presence within the border thence cut in the nib the infection before it spreads”
This reasoning by the Sultan wa attributed to the fact that cross border movement is a regular and casual activity in these areas and more so now as a result of severe drought that is forcing many Somaliland families to seek pastures in Ethiopia.
Queried on purported border closure by Ethiopia, Sultan Ahmed Osman “Cabdoo-gude” said that he was not aware of the said, and if so it will not effect any changes since the cross border moving families have legal resident status in both the countries.