Somaliland: President Inaugurates Mega SOMGAS Terminal at Berbera Port


As the head of state Also made an inspection tour of the Port of Berbera and the Berbera Petroleum storage laboratory which has now attained ISO status.

President Silanyo Inaugurates Mega SOMGAS terminal at Berbera port

Somalilandsun- The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed mohamed Silanyo has inaugurated the Somgas Berbera storage terminal.
He also officially launched the use of three newly constructed major tarmac roads in the port city.
The Somgas storage terminal is believed to be the largest in the Horn region for the liquefied gas.
This is in fact an ample time to the inauguration given the extent of desertification and the prevalent perennial drought in the country.
In a long speech during the function, the Head of State called on the populace to remain united and maintain peaceful stability, urged Somalilanders to invest in the country, praised environmental minister Hon. Shukri for her diligence and dutiful endeavors and turned pastoral by calling for togetherness, help each other and praying to Allah for benevolence.
The President started by first underpinning the importance of the project as far as its national impact is concerned.
The President said that the investors, thus SOMGAS, had painstakingly built itself slowly for the past 9 years in the project with the future of the country in mind.
“If they wanted fast profit they would have divested”, said the President.
He said that with the intensive and extensive desertification prevalent, the use of the Somgas product would go down well to reduce the use of charcoal hence forestall desertification.
The President noted that the biggest problem in desertification causes happens to be the cutting down of trees which are mainly burnt for charcoal.
President Silanyo hands his environment minister Shukri Haji Bandare keys to a gas powered car donated by Telesom and somgas He said that the decree he signed in the in-action of the Environmental and wildlife Law No 69/2015 on the 10th of January 2016 banned the cutting down of live trees for the use of charcoal.
He hailed the minister of Environment for stretching the extra mile in stepping up diligence and dutiful endeavours, a praise that received thunderous applause from the crowd.
The President appealed to the Somgas fraternity to make their products more affordable such that more people may get the services, and by thus, more conservation of the forest would be achieved.
He appealed to all compatriots who have the ability to invest extensively in their homeland.
He lastly appealed to the members of the public to remain united, be more patriotic, maintain peaceful stability and step up vigilance by shunning anything that can render the populace asunder.
He prayed to God shower his mercy upon us by making the rains full, lead us NOT astray, make us live harmoniously and bless posterity and aspirations.
The Somgas establishment honoured the President by awarding him their charter.
President Silanyo and entourage inspect Berbera port and oil storage facilities He handed over keys to a vehicle run by gas to the environmental minister, courtesy of Somgas.
Meanwhile in a related story the President made an inspection tour of the Port of Berbera and the Berbera Petroleum storage laboratory which has now attained ISO status.
On both fronts, major developments had made gigantic strides in the recent years.
A lot of expansion and modernization face-lifts have been implemented.
In every step of the way, standby workers were ready with information and explorations for the Presidential tour. On his part the President praised the workers for their differences.
ISomgas Somgas terminal in Berbera Somaliland The President learnt that the laboratory has now achieved the IS0 status (International Standard Organization).
In his tour the President was accompanied by the First Lady, the Ministers for the Presidency, Information, Finance, and Environment amongst other dignitaries.
The President and his entourage are expected to spend the night at Berbera hence leave for Burao and Saraar regions to inspect ongoing oil exploration works.

  President Silanyo greets Flag waving citizens on hand to welcome him on his way to Berbera