Somaliland: The UN and its JPLG Program have Orphaned Erigavo” Mayor Ismail Haji Nur


Even without JPLG Erigavo local council thrives says Mayor Ismail Haji Nur

By: Yusuf M Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – After ten years of local council development activities Erigavo is yet to see an iota of Joint Program for Local Governance-JPLG projects

This was stated by the mayor of Erigavo Councillor Ismail Haji Nur during an interview with HCTV at the Sanaag regional capital where he revealed frustration with non service availability by the JPLG Which is a programme implemented by ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and UNICEF with funding from the EU, UK-DFID, SWEDEN – SIDA, NORWAY, DENMARK – DANIDA & SWITZERLAND – SDC),
According to civic leader the multimillion dollar funded program has been very active in other local councils in both Somaliland and Somalia but visibly absent in Erigavo, as pertains its core mandate which is development and decentralization of local governances management.
“While other local councils in the country are enjoying JPLG funded development programs we in Erigavo are left to our own devices” said Cllr Ismail Haji Nur adding that having waited to no vain for promised JPLG goodies his council has gone alone.
Accordingly and through its own resources the Erigavo local government has procured a large quantity of earth movers, water bowsers as well as funded a ten Kilometer road connecting the various town estates.
“As per current plans are in advanced stages to enlarge the town road network with addition of another 20kms of asphalt roads” said mayor Ismail Haji Nur
 Erigavo local council has managed to construct asphalt roads without JPLG support unlike others in Somaliland Pictured here on works Wondering on reasons behind the JPLG non projects availability, the mayor was quick to state that it can not be because the program managers are confused on the location of Sanaag since they operate in both Somaliland and Somalia.
Many local councils in Somaliland especially the capital Hargeisa has benefited a lot from various development projects implemented under JPLG funding including a broad network of roads.

“If they think we are in Somalia of which we are not, we shall also be happy to access the services”
Said the mayor as he also touched on the devastation occasioned the district by current severe drought in the country.
Appealing for expedited supply of emergency relief support Mayor Ismail Haji Nur urged that the suffering People should not be forced to space the same ignorance ensuing from development projects that are availed other parts of the country and denied their district.
Somaliland and other regions of the Horn of Africa are suffering from one of the driest years in memory. Severe shortages of food and water, along with spiralling food prices and the deaths of livestock, have plunged many families into destitution.
About JPLG
Erigavo local council has procured sufficient machinery and equipment without JPLG support unlike others in SomalilandThe UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery (JPLG) aims to strengthen local governance and enhance decentralized services in all the regions of Somalia. JPLG was initiated in 2013 with the overall objective to promote improvements in local.
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