Somaliland: State acknowledges drought situation, plans to put measures in place


Somalilandsun- The government has acknowledged the recurrent drought menace which has just started sweeping across the country yet once more hence is bent on finding ways and means of combating its strife.

The government has at the same time directed the formulation of ways and means addressing the pre-emption of sporadic internal clashes hence curb their recurrence.

These were part and parcel of decisions made by the council of the cabinet ministers on Thursday the 8th February ‘18 at the Presidency according to a press release signed by the newly appointed Presidential spokesman Mr. Mohammed Warsame Jama.

The spokesman said that in the meeting that was chaired by the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi and flanked by his vice H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael, the ministers expressed strong emotions decrying recurrent skirmishes amongst brethren communities that polarizes the populace hence equally denounced demonstrations by youth orchestrated in the aftermath of such incidences.

Part of Somaliland cabinet 2018

The press release said that the consensus of the ministers was that it was imperative that lasting solutions are found hence ways and means of avoiding such incidences in future by putting measures in place.

“Administrative governance should be bolstered such that the populace enjoy comprehensive stability hence ensuing matters be settled procedurally”, said the press release.

On the other hand the ministers dwelt lengthily on the drought menace whose recurrence as markedly become perpetual.

While acknowledging the new spate drought that is currently sweeping the country the assembly directed the committee to collate ways and means by the local think tanks (experts and local varsities) such that further famines may be averted.

Lastly the press release contained the government’s reiterations of the obligations of the adherence to the country’s laws as concerns illegal poaching of animals, whether vertebrates or invertebrates.

This was in connection with the recent outcry that tortoises were poached without impunity and exported in contravention to laws No. 69/2015 of Somaliland constitution.

By M.A. Egge