Somaliland: Dahabshiil Group rise to occasion in aid of Kalawle residents


Somalilandsun- The Dahabshiil Group of Companies heeded the calls for relief needs in the north and western parts of the country, especially Lughaya region.

Following outcries that was first sounded a fortnight ago of the new spate of recurrent drought that is taking its toll in the western parts of the country, the Dahabshiil Group rose to the occasion and rushed the relief food supplies to over one hundred families of Kalawle area of Lughaya district.

Dahabshiil Group rise to occasion in aid of Kalawle residents

According to the company’s Awdal and Selel regional boss Mr. Haji Ismael Rirash, Dahabshiil decided to rush to the aid of the residents whose families were direly in need having been adversely and severely affected.

He said that the relief aid they supplied consisted of basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, cooking oil and wheat flour which are basically the traditionally staple foods used in the country.

Mr. Rirash appealed to similar entrepreneurs to rise to the occasion and help the needy.

He noted that the Dahabshiil Group always stood by the needy in such times since, they, he said, were parts and parcels of their clienteles hence though it wise to return a portion to them in reciprocation.

He likewise appealed to Somalilanders within the country and those abroad to eke in whatever support that they deemed fit.

Whatever the case Dahabshiil group has led the pack to help the needy along the western coastal regions of the land in their time of need.

Dahabshiil Group rise to occasion in aid of Kalawle residents

Meanwhile it is worth noting that pastoralists along the Ethiopia – Somaliland border along Beligubadle-Salahley- Lebisagaal strip had crossed the border in such of pasture in the past couple of months following severe drought in the country.

Similarly relief water supplies had been started in Borama in Awdal and Berbera in Sahil regions by various entities to quench thirsts of the needy.

By M.A. Egge