Somaliland: Sixty Year Old Somali Immigrant Repatriated From Libya


Some Somali teenagers illegal immigrants to Libya have been repatriated back to Somaliland following lengthy sojourn in that country. Strangely an old man aged about sixty something was amongst the people voluntarily returned to Somaliland and Somalia after life in Libya turned not to be a bed of roses. The elderly man touched down at Egal International Airport in Hargeisa where journalists interrogated him of his adventure.
The old man warned those teenagers planning to travel to Libya that life is very tough and should not waste their time and money.
Here are his words “Hey don’t waste your life I have seen it all life In Libya is not a life I would advice any sane person to go and experience its hell on earth.”
When asked how long he was in Libya he had this to say “I was in Libya for three years of which I used to work as a driver. I’m a professional driver so I worked but for those teenagers who do not have an occupation life would be difficult.”
The elderly man said that he over heard that the Somalia embassy in Tripoli was doing repatriation for those Somalis willing to go back home voluntarily so he jumped over the bandwagon.
“Any one trying to reach Libya please believe your country there is nothing better than home, life in Libya is torture.” The old man warned.
By: Guleid Abdi Maher

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