Somalia:Seven Die in Mine Explosion in Bulaburte


Somalilandsun- Seven people lost their lives after anti -personnel mine buried in the middle of a road in Bulaburte exploded on them.
According to news from VOA Somali Services six of the victims were from the same family. The dead are a mother with her four children and their father who worked as a teacher at a Quran Madrassa.
The deceased passengers were on their way to Bulaburte having come from a village located west of their destination.
The family was going to seek medical attention for some of their members who were suffering from measles according to villagers who spoke to Voice of America Somali radio service.
The district commissioner of Bulaburte Mr.Abdi Dahir Guure confirmed that the type of mine used was anti tanks mine which was intended to destroy military vehicles that ply the route.
Alshabaab militant on Sunday attacked AMISOM and Somalia government soldiers camp located on the outskirts of Bulaburte town. The attacked lasted for a few minutes before they retreated back to their hideout.