Somaliland: Puntland Withdraws from SFG, Recalls nationals from the Mogadishu Parliament


Puntland is no longer in the SFG announces Abdiweli Gas

By: Yusuf M Hasan
GAROWE (Somalilandsun) – The International Community is overtly promoting the untenable outcome of the Somalia Federal Constitution.
This was stated by President Abdiweli Gas of the Somalia Regional administration of Puntland in Garowe where he also declared cessation of his enclave’s cooperation and participation in the Somalia Federal Government.
This revelation was made by Gas during a post regional administration cabinet meeting press briefing in which he also ordered all legislators representing Puntland in the Mogadishu based parliament to decamp back to Garowe within 15 days.
The visibly incensed president Gas reported to have roughshod over his council of ministers during the hastily convened meeting on the night of 31st July at his Garowe residence was reacting to the endorsement in Mogadishu a day earlier ,of a new administration in the central part of Somalia .
Ashe castigated the international community for fronting further disintegration of Somalia the top honcho in Garowe also warned the SFG that “The dire consequences that shall result from the establishment of the new administration are solely the responsibility of the Mogadishu based federal authorities”
According to the revanchist authorities of Puntland new central administration whose jurisdiction encompasses areas under Garowe among them Galgadud and Mudug is not only illegal but unconstitutional but it goes against the successfully implementation of the provisional Somalia Constitution as well.

Cowed members of the puntland council of ministers agree to withdraw from SFG
The Abdiweli Gas statement read
Quote- Following the establishment of the central administrative region in Mogadishu on the 30th July 2014 and after perusal of articles 50 and 52 and 52 0f the Somalia provisional Federal constitution and after consensus of the entire government the Puntland administration hereby declares that
1. The administrative region of Puntland is opposed to the establishment of a central Somalia regional authority as it is contrary to the Federal constitution.
2. Puntland ego has been severely injured by the participation of the international community at the Mogadishu endorsement of the new regional administration is contrary to tenets of the provisional federal constitutional which is a brainchild of the same IC.

3. Puntland perceives the support given to the new administration by senior SFG officials as a bad omen to ongoing national reconciliation as it might lead to renewed conflict within Somalia
4. Puntland after consultations in Garowe with its representatives in the Federal government shall publicly declare its final resolve on severing its membership in the SFG latest by the 15th August 2014.
5. At the same Puntland has recalled its representative to the Somalia Federal Constitutional Review committee Asha Geele Diriye with immediate effect.
6. Puntland has categorically decided to severe all its ties and working relationships wit he SFG and finally
7. Puntland hereby declares that related and dire consequences of the creation of the central Somalia administration is solely the responsibility of the Somalia Federal Government.-Unquote
The irate Puntlanders who did not shy from revealing consternation with the international community have also seemingly turned a deaf ear to the approval given the new state by the United Nations.
While Puntland has all the rights to claim any part of Somalia from Bosaso to Kismayo , the enclaves designs on some eastern parts of Somaliland seem to have been deterred by the iron fist presented by the government of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo through establishment of dry army beach heads with close proximity to the Gas residence in Garowe.

Watch Gas announcing withdrawal from the SFG