Somaliland: Professor Samatar: Is he a Political Pet in Waiting to Replace Saili’I from the Vice Pre


Prof Ahmed Ismail Samatar

Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Since changing his political allegiance as a proponent & a believer in the existence of greater Somalia to throwing his weight in clamoring for the self determination and secession of independent Somaliland, Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar is viewed as someone who has created a cordial working chemistry with President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo & the confidence of his kitchen cabinet.

This notion is supported by the home coming event that was rolled by the state which even went further by naming a national steering committee tasked with home coming party for the political science professor at the expense of public coffers.

Reliable sources revealed that series of meeting ensued between the American based Professor and the head of state that were facilitated by emissaries sent by President Silanyo’s Government to lure the Professor into joining active politics a move meant to bury rebellious politicians to their political oblivion.

It is reported that in the initial meeting between the two, President Silanyo asked Prof. Samatar to offer his immense knowledge and expertise in tackling the present day development & economic challenges facing the country by coming up with permanent solutions to the national setbacks in which Prof. Samatar assured of his unyielding support to the Silanyo led administration. Confident that the political scientist Prof. affirmed to his initial offer, it is disclosed by sources that are privy to duos encounter that President Silanyo then raised the issue of substituting the Vice-Presidency slot currently occupied by Zeyli’i to him in consideration of nominating him as a running mate to Silanyo under the umbrella of ruling Kulmiye party when the President offers his candidature in seeking for a re-election for a second & final term in office. It was further revealed that President Silanyo was worried by political weakness displayed by his deputy who the President opined that he could not even acquire the electoral support of his home region of Awdal. Prof. Samatar rejected the offer insisting on his scholastic engagements that requires a busy schedule before turning it down altogether and reasoned that he cannot be used as a political alternative to incumbent politicians.

After the advances made by the President failed to bore meaningful outcomes, advisor to the political section in the office of the Presidency did their homework by coming with a sellable argument into luring the Prof. into active politics, sources disclosed that in the second meeting between the two prominent personalities, additional bait was thrown to Prof. Samatar’s way.