Somaliland: the official tour of the head state in Sanaag region


President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo  in Lasqorai

By: A.A. Jama

Sanaag (Somalilandsun) – the delegation led by the head of state his Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud

Silanyo who was for the last few days in official tour at Gabiley Awdal sahil

Saila regions has arrived lasgorai district in Sanaag region

In his arrival at lasgorai district was warmly welcomed by the government official in the district and the communities in that area he visited the fish

Factory health center and the schools in the district latter he lay a foundation

Stone at lasgorai port for the fishing net point the head of state said the

Government has a plan to expand lasgorai port in order to promote the

Fishing industry in the district and to reconstruct the fish factory

The aim of this official tour of head of state in the regions is to

Implement development projects and to know deeply the situation of

The communities in the regions and the districts he visited

Among the ministers who are with the official tour with the president are the minister of intrial health minister foreign minister defiance minister education

Minister and the minister of agriculture