Somaliland: Mayor’s spouse stubs a police woman to injuries


Osman A.M.

ZEILAH (Somalilandsun) – Local police are holding the wife of the mayor who stubbed a policewoman leading to sustention of grievous bodily injuries and subsequent hospitalization of the cop.

According to the preliminary reports at hand, it is believed that a quarrel between the duos ensued after the town’s mayor authorized to evict landless communities which happened to include the family of the injured policewoman which was called off at the eleventh hour upon the intervention of the interior minister who considered the plight of the poor after receipt of their grievances.

The contentious land in question is a public property that was owned by the Government of Somalia Republic during the period of the union with Somalia and even housed the then ruling party’s District offices at Zeyla before resettlement of landless community upon return with the independence & statehood of Somaliland.

The mayor was implementing a ministerial directive recently issued by public works ministry requiring listing of all public assets in possession of private individuals together with unused public land-a directive in implementing a presidential decree on the same subject.