Somaliland: President Leads Residents in Registering as Voters


President Silanyo registers as a voter in Hargeisa

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The President of the Republic H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo led the residents of Marodijeh region in the resumption of the on going national registration of voters exercise.
The Head of State who was flanked by the First Lady Amina Sheikh Mohamed Jirde several cabinet members, MPs and several senior government officials registered himself as a voter yesterday morning at the Civil Service Commission hall.
Speaking of the occasion were the Ministers of the Presidency and Information, National Guidance and Culture the Honorables Mohamud Hashi Abdi and Osman Abdillahi Sahardid respectively.
Hon. Hashi appealed for concerted efforts from every quarter of the society to join in the exercise and register themselves enmass.
He likewise urged all stakeholders to ensure that the exercise goes on well.
The Presidency minister reiterated the President’s conviction of making sure that the elections go on as per schedule without any hitches.
“The President, the administration and Kulmiye party are bent on making sure that free, fair and just elections are held as scheduled”, said Hon. Hashi.
He said that history will bear witness that the postponement for one month of the exercise was done in good faith hence the decision had the welfare of the people at heart.
The minister confirmed that the delay and its subsequent hitches had stepped up the costs hence announced that the President and his government are committed to address any shortcomings such that the electioneering processes may proceed smoothly to conclusion.
Somaliland first lady Amina Weris registers as a voter in Hargeisa He advised that national priorities surpassed all other underlying self interests hence urged political parties and all stakeholders to be steadfast.
On the other hand, the Information Minister Hon. Sahardid described the occasion as a historical one.
He said that given the monthly postponement due to severe drought and famine, the rains fell immediately thereafter and the resumption of the exercise has just started.
“We are today thankful to God for the rains,” said Hon. Sahardid.
He urged for peaceful stability to be maintained such that the exercise may be free of any incidences. “This is the largest region with the highest population whereby the process has started today”, he said.
Several high profile personalities underwent registration at the venue including cabinet ministers, senior politicians, contemporary traditional leaders, senior government officials etc.