Somaliland: Solidarity and Peaceful Stability is the only Way Forward


Somaliland together as one

Somalilandsun- The voter registration exercise has just resumed. True to the words of Hon. Sahardid and Hon. Hashi, it is indeed a historic occasion and opportunity; andthat peaceful stability is the key to the realization of the full electioneering processes to its ultimate fruitful conclusion.
This column had all along, prior to the postponement, calling for it on humanitarian, integral and justifiable grounds. We celebrated the postponement just as we welcomed the blessed rains.
Now as the people start picking up and continue with their lives after the long dry spell of severe drought, acute famine and disastrous flash floods, at least all is well.
In the recent hard times Somalilanders showed a strong show of brethrenship when people supported each other across regional and communal boards.
It is our belief that the same spirit of solidarity and unity will not well prevail not only elections but for eons to come. It is only such a bond that can sprout and nurture peaceful stability.
This belief is based on the foundations of our homegrown conciliatory tradition, in case of any hiccups, whenever necessary.
As we urge all Somalilanders to come out in a strong show of force to register themselves as voters enmasse, we are only but coaxing them to exercise their political rights enshrined in the constitution.
Truly, in democratic circles, the more the numbers indulged, the more essence of being; thus the greater the numbers, the greater the impact.
This process is ours and ours alone. It helps us to govern ourselves even better hence be more transparent and accountable.
It is a key factor for the access of a place in modern world civility amongst the community of nations.
The most important thing about democracy, as in the institutionalization of political parties, is the deviation from tribally inclined norms with clannish tendencies that roots for barbaric and savage culture.
It is for us, not only to acquire a card and vote for an aspirant of choice, but to rogue out and delete in our minds, souls and actions any tribally bent innuendoes. One can never be civilized if one is not clean in mind, thought and deed.
Whatever the case, as we call for great participation in the going exercise, we appeal for the maintenance of peaceful stability, unity, solidarity and oneness.
We similarly in the same breath wish for kindness, perseverance and mercifulness to override all our underlying emotions.
In other words, we call for Somalilanders to think of nationhood and our integral rights and aspirations before thinking of any other partisan interests.
Let’s be true to our aspirations and think of our future and posterity.
That IS the ONLY way forward.

This is an original editorial of The Horn Tribune a weekly English language published in Hargeisa by the State owned Dawan Media Group