Somaliland: Police force Graduates Scene of Crime Officers


Left-Prisons commander, Deputy interior minister and Gen Fadal celebrate graduation of crime investigators-RightHARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The police force has acquired hitherto unavailable scene of crime investigation skills.

A forty days scene of crime training for 38 officers from the regular and traffic police departments has been concluded in Hargeisa where General Abdilahi Fadal Iman the national police commander congratulated the graduating officers on successful completion of the difficult training.

Gen Fadal who officiated at the graduation ceremony urged the newly trained crime investigators to not only utilize their newly acquired skills assiduously but transfer their investigation skills to their compatriots within station of duties, Said he, “You are now the vanguard of crime investigations in the country thus imperative that you share your skills with other officers working with you”

The course instructor informed that the 38 officers were now capable of undertaking investigations from the scene of crime all the way to prosecution, in a professional manner. He revealed that the attentiveness of the trainees during the forty days made his work very easy as their grasp was apt.

Though all the 38 beneficiaries of the crime investigation training were all from Hargeisa it is anticipated that police headquarters will see to it that a number of them are seconded to regional police headquarters nationwide while pending similar trainings as promised by the police commander.

Apart from senior police officers others who graced the graduation ceremony included the deputy interior minister in-charge of security Hon Abdilahi Abokor Osman among a large retinue of government officials.

This is the first batch of police officers in the country to become skilled with advanced crime investigation techniques.