Somaliland: Visiting Leopard Injures Youth


By: Yusuf M Hasan

DILLA (Somalilandsun) – A boy is in hospital suffering from injuries sustained after an attack by a leopard.

Master Geedi Abdi Elmi who was rushed to a hospital in Dilla town after a leopard attacked him in Dagah-as a village that is 2 kms west of Dilla town in Awdal region.

According to hospital sources at Dilla where Master Geedi is recovering, the leopard whose species is not found in the area, surprised a group of boys who were playing next to a watering hole used by villagers and their livestock.

Once the boys saw the strange animal that they took for a very beautiful and large dog, they embarked on throwing stones at it thus its escape to a nearby farm. As soon as the leopard sought refuge in the farm master Geedi followed thus the attack which produced not life threatening injuries.

As per area residents the appearance of the leopard is a mystery and first occurrences as the big cats are not resident in Dilla district.

As per the time of posting administration officials are yet to state on the course of action taken so far thus capture the leopard before it does grievous harm to residents.