Somaliland: President Silanyo Resolves Buhodle Conflict


Silanyo & Hagaltosie in a handshake of peaceBy: Yusuf M Hasan

DUBAI (Somalilandsun) – The Sool Sanaag Cayn (Ain)-SSC militia has agreed to lay down arms and enter into talks with the government.

This outcome came after a meeting between the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo and SSC leader Suleiman Isse Ahmed Kara “Hagaltosie” at MINA-SALAAMA HOTEL in Dubai where the president hosted the militia leader

A press statement released by the presidential spokesperson Mr. Abdilahi Ukuse informed that the meeting agreed on the need to end continuous clashes in Buhodle district and other areas of Sool region thus avail citizens the benefit of public services.

While urging for peaceful resolution to grievances of the Buhodle residents and those from other parts of Sool region, the president said, “Continue armed clashes only exacerbate the suffering of residents who are denied development projects that would uplift their livelihoods”

President Silanyo who stressed on the SSC leader the importance of expedited end to hostilities, promised his person and full support as well as that of the government and people of Somaliland thus normalize the turbulent eastern region of the country.

On his part the SSC leader said that his acquiescence with the president on the need for immediate end to hostilities especially in his hometown of Buhodle, emanated from a desire to see his clansmen share developments with the rest of their brothers and sisters in Somalilanders.

Hagaltosie promised that on return to Buhodle he will immediately embark on disbanding his militia and handing over the assortment of weaponry at his disposal to the government, Said he, “After disbanding the militia I will facilitate for talks with the government as agreed with the President.

The success in ending hostilities in Buhodle and the wider sool region is a major achievement by president Silanyo coming in the heels of the just concluded diplomatic relationship agreement with President Sheikh Sharif of Somalia.

At the same time the end to hostilities in the area will not only afford the residents participate and benefit from national development projects but will negate the oft disturbing issue of unsecured borders.