Somaliland: Class eight and “O” level final Exams commence


Girls drop-out rate reduced significantlyBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Final exams for year 2012 Class eight pupils and form four students commence nationwide today.

According to the ministry of Education 11,667 class eight pupils will sit for their final intermediate schools examinations in 98 venues within all districts and regions of the country for five days from Saturday 30th June 2012.


The ministry of education further informed that, immediately the class eight pupils commence exams form four secondary school students numbering 5,846 form four will follow suit in 42 venues within all districts and regions of the country.

The 17,531 students sitting for the final exams in 140 venues nationwide at intermediate and “O” level will have 1,263 examination supervisors and invigilators in charge.

In an earlier statement from the minister of education Hon Zamzam Abdi the 17, 531 students sitting for final exams this year from primary and secondary schools will be the largest at any given time in the 21 years of Somaliland’s sovereignty.

She attributed the rise in numbers to the decrease in the rate of drop-outs especially at intermediate level occasioned by the provision of free primary education.

Said she, “Since the government of president Silanyo came to power 2 years ago the number of new school registration has seen a substantial increase while the drop-out rate has decreased dramatically. This is attributed to Silanyo’s policy of education for all that has resulted in free education for primary school students nationwide”.

Hon Zamzam Abdi Aden, who wished the class eight and form four students success in the exams, urged them to avoid cheating thus graduate honorably while stressing on the importance of diligence and honest on the part of the selected 1,263 examination supervisors and invigilators.

Exam cheating which has been a thorn in the flesh of the ministry of education for a number of years is mostly attributed to supervisors and invigilators who also happen to be responsible for setting the exams as well as marking.

The intermediate and fourth form examinations will be undertaken for a week from 30th June 2012.