Somaliland: “No Suldan To Reject Peace And Somaliland Can’t Accept Firearm Carters.” Says Hajj Waraabe


By: Omar. A. Omar.
Hargeisa (Somaliland sun). The chairman of the senate, Somaliland Hon. Hajj Abdikariim Hussein Yusuf (Hajj Abdi Warraabe) expresses his feelings that the circumstances concerning Suldan Ilmi Wabaar would come to an end and we make sure that the anxiety comes to a finale.

Hajj Warabe said “Borama is a town included in a administration and lined by government officials and we are absolutely ready to slow down the state of affairs of Awdal Region. And nobody has sent us to carry out this exertion but rather it is our responsibility as senate members of Somaliland.” Declared Hajj Warabe.
The chairman of the senate further stresses Suldan Wabar should correct himself authoritatively to declare what he likes personally but not encouraging youths to carry firearms and let he direct himself to President because the president is an old person who can understand everything.
“Everybody including president, Members of parliament, Members of Senate and the public of Somaliland is ready with your best wishes that you must spell out so that the chaotic surroundings of Awdal region come to closing stages.” Said Hajj Warabe.